The FITT ICT Technology Transfer Approach

Technology transfer professionals around the world keep looking for the unique guideline on how to create economic or social value from mere knowledge. The FITT Toolbox offers you a practical model for building up a successful business from ICT innovations, supported by significant practical and academic evidence.

This unique FITT approach puts people and their ideas at the very centre of the ICT technology transfer process


The FITT Toolbox helps in putting your specific problem into perspective and getting useful information to back up your case: Be it the way to identify new opportunities, to protect ideas and define the freedom to operate, to network, to detect the proper market or the most suited go-to-market strategy. All aspects are treated by the FITT technology transfer model and captured in easy to read and implement practices, cases and tools.

We invite you to make plenty of use of the FITT Toolbox and share your experience(s). The FITT Toolbox is a living model – with your valuable feedback we can still improve it. Join today our ICT TechTransfer Group on LinkedIn and share with us your thoughts!

A Short Video Introduction to FITT